cleanfox aol problem

I had a lot of unread emails, most were some newsletters that I never open, so I was thinking about a way to clean it fast, and I remembered that I read once about a service provided by cleanfox to clean your email inbox from unread emails and newsletter so I decided to give it a try

I opened the web site and clicked on the bouton to begin cleaning my email box, I entered my email and password but couldn't enter, it keeps displaying incorrect password even if I was sure it was the good password, I went to my email account settings and checked and everything seemed normal, then I noticed a bouton a the bottom of account security, and bingo

Here's how to clean your aol email account with cleanfox

  1. Go to your aol email account
  2. Go to options and click "account info"
  3. Go to account security
  4. Go to manage app password
  5. In the drop list select "add app" and name it as "cleanfox"
  6. Click on generate
  7. Go to the cleanfox and use this password along with your email instead of your regular password

et voilĂ !