Hidden face of outlook


Today I would like to expose my point of view about MS outlook and the many issu I got with it many times

Yes, MS outlook is a good software and UI is really good, this why lot of people love it, it is easy to use, and well known because it comes with the MS office suit generaly, so, basicly it is the first email client you begin to work with specialy in entreprises, and when I try to offer something else to people (the thunderbird that I really like) they don’t accept, and after sometime they ask me to setup their email back in MS outlook
it all begins with the paid licence problem, in fact, I find that lot of people are using a non genuin copy of MS office, and I don’t agree it, this is why I was using thunderbird and the OO  (Open Office is a free office software like MS office suit but without an email client that I’m using actually) even if I confess that the UI is not as good as the MS office

Also, the beloved outlook has some problems, in fact, lot of people were using the 2007 version on MS office, and I got a big problem with this version, the emails sent to gmail went to SPAM each time, but went in main inbox normaly when using Thunderbird, but users won’t accpet to work with it, and after lot of search and modifications on the email server, I figure out that the problem was in outlook 2007, in fact a bug in the outlook 2007 with emails that are like x.y@domaine.com (thanks to greenNet) then after an update to the MS office 2013 the problem is gone
And like people love Outlook, a client asked me one time to configure his email that is on Google server (google app for works) on his outlook 2013, and another time, I discuvered that outlook is not working when thunderbird works normaly, in fact, google servers were blocking the connexion attempt from outlook 2013 even if I configured with secured connexion SSL, I recieved an email from google saying that an application that doesn’t respect the last secure standards (sorry the email was in french), and this when even trying with outlook 2016, when Thunderbird worked normaly
So, here we are, this why I prefer to use Thunderbird, even if I like the UI of Outlook
hope this post is helpfull


I fouind a solution that didn't work first I don't know why but then worked, you have to go to your google account>sign-in & secuurity>sign-in to google you go down to connected apps & sites and you turn on "Allow less secure apps" and that should make outlook works for Gmail account