Live videos feature on social networks

In the last three years, a big thing was rising on social networks: the live videos, Instagram facebook youtube

Today this feature is lunched on android version of instagram, can you imagine how much it would cost to get a live video app for a small company? and how to get all people watch this live, and make them download a this app?? a lot of money, and lot of time and work to manage all this, but now those features are more and more available in social networks for free!! that is a big plus for communication strategy in business, social networks are some of the most visited networks on the internet, majore part of people have those social netoworks apps on their mobiles, so, you don't have to make a dedicated app, you don't have to spend lot of work and time to get people, they are already here, and now, the LIVE feature.

how's that benefic for busines??

- By using instagram or exemple with a good strategy to get followers, small business can use the live feature on a scheduled time to introduce a new product, to make some relation with the followers, to describe a feature on the product.
- In the live video we can have ineteraction
- With the live videos we get more chances to be watched cause people sometimes see a video published and skeep it for later and forget it, but in the live video, they know if they miss it, they maybe can't watch it later, or interact with it, so, they will prefere to watch it at time.
- It can be used by some reporters organization (magazins) to make live shows

Something excellent is rising with this new feature of live videos that I think is the real new fearture for social networks and gonna make some noise in future.