new director for ooredoo algeria

Wednsday 21/09/2016 the new director of #ooredoo algeria Mr Hendrik Kasteel take place at the headqurter of ooredoo algeria in replacement of Mr Joseph Jad, one day after, some clients recieve a message from ooredoo to answer a survey from the number 2030, a survey about the satisfaction about ooredoo in general

The surevey begins with  is on 2 main questions:

1- At any level do you recommend ooredoo for people around you? (note from 0 to 10)
2- Are you globaly satisfyed about ooredoo? (note from 0 to 10)

and a third question to commment the choice of notes given, and also to add some optional notes

this ssurvey at this time make us think that may be there is something wrong in ooredoo algeria that made joseph jad to quit, may be a decrease of the rate of new clients, or even may be clients are leaving ooredoo for other mobile operators