Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mobile friendly website

Those last years, the uses of mobile devices has rised substancially, and google know it, this is why they set their ranking algorithm to take in consideration mobile frienlyness to better rank a website, google also put a tool to check a mobile friendlyness test at this adress:  , and not only for google it is also good for the site owner to get a mobile friendly web site
One example is a web site we were working on (rapide car) a car rental agency, when created we were not focusing at the mobile friendlyness, but after, we noticed that we passed from 33% mobile visitors to 55% in average (Data from google analytics) so it was a must update to mobile friendlyness and that what we did, and in less in a week the website ranking won some places in the google search engine (Data from Pro Rank Tracker)
So, if you are making a web site, be sure to make it mobie freindlyness

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Domain life and CEO

The domain lifespan is an important criteria for CEO

The more lifespan a domain has the more the website will be well ranked

this is a logic reflexion when we know that google ranking is based on the quality, a big lifespan means your website is serious, is here to last

next time you would like to launch a new website think about buying an existing domain, or, if you would like to buy a new one, think to register it for more than 1 year, generally it will cost you less and let you be better ranked